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____________________________________[-----------DECEMBER 2020 :

Sizzle is proud to have participated to the tribute compilation of Elvifrance comics, organised by the netlabel Earsheltering : v/a "EVILFRANCE : Elvifrance vs Earsheltering". Available on free digital download on Internet Archive and Bandcamp.

Full details of the project + download links here : http://forum.facthedral.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&p=534#p534

____________________________________[-----------OCTOBER 2020 :

Facthedral's Hall publish a new 3 tracks EP with Atrabilis Sunrise, Sizzle and Synaxe "Wanted Be Startin' Sometin'" is available now on free digital download on Bandcamp. This EP is a tribute to Michael Jackson, including a Sizzle remix composed by Le K.

____________________________________[-----------APRIL 2018 :

- New unreleased track specially created for the compilation's birthday of the fanzine Tarquin Zine (or TQ zine) "Covering The Covers", available now on limited box hand numbered 3x CD-R + digital download. The track is called "Screwed Plan", it has been composed by Le K., inspired by Ash Cooke designs, who has illustrated three covers of the fanzine. This is the first Sizzle new track created since 2011.

- Release on Bandcamp of a compilation entitled "Remiskoll (2002/2011)" regrouping all the remixes of Sizzle created between 2002 and 2011, for Guarapita, Bérurier Noir, The PPM Incorporated Project, Coldcut, Von Magnet, Nine Inch Nails, Ysa Ferrer, Dominique A, Planetaldol, HIV+, in the context of spontaneous participation in official competitions, simple tributes, or invitations. Also included the tribute to the Thalassa french TV show organized by the Earsheltering label, as well as two new collaborations, with LETO, and Atrabilis Sunrise. Compilation available as a free full download.

____________________________________[-----------NOVEMBER 2015 :

- Out 27th : digital special remixes album of Von Magnet 2015 "Magnitud (La Cadena)", featuring Norscq, Def, 2kilos &More, Mimetic, Wild Shores, Sizzle, and Jhon Blackfire.


____________________________________[-----------FEBRUARY 2014 :

- Von Magnet's "Performances 1985 / 2013" double DVD digipack out now! It contains a remix of their track "Death Is a Gift" (from the "No Predator, No Prey" album) by Sizzle, intitled "Death is a Mix". Full details about the DVD : http://www.vonmag.net/news_en.htm


____________________________________[-----------DECEMBER 2013 :

- Mp3's page of the site has been deleted, a complete live set of Sizzle from 2005 is now downloadable for free on bandcamp:


____________________________________[-----------SEPTEMBER 2013 :

- Le K. will performing with Velvetine for their next shows in France:

  • September 14th 2013 : Marseille - Théâtre du Merlan (free - 9:30 p.m.)
  • September 20th 2013 : Marseille - Le Lounge (5€ - 9:00 p.m.)
  • November 23th 2013 : Toulouse - Festival "NocageArtFest"



- The music/dance/theatre group Von Magnet is releasing a double DVD with a selection of original videos (live performances 1985/2013.
After 27 years of existence, the cult group Von Magnet is about to release its very first DVD.
Issued from the post-industrial 80's underground scene, Von Magnet has been known for their eccentric "Electro-flamenco" style. They produced a dozen of CD's and created challenging theatrical concert-performances.

Scheduled for Autumn 2013 this exclusive deluxe Digipack double DVD (artwork signed by artist Servovalve and DVD authoring by Marcelo Valente) will present unpublished video archive material (live performances from 1987 to 2012) : El Sexo Sur-Realista, Computador, Electrorisks, Mezclador, Nuevas Cruzes, El Planeta, De L'Aimant, Neither Predator Nor Prey, Polarized... + audio bonuses as well as unreleased remixes (DEF, Norscq, 2kilos & More, Mimetic, Wild Shores, Sizzle, Jhon Blackfire...), memories and texts.

Subscription here: http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/dvd-anniversaire-von-magnet-1985-2013

von magnet


____________________________________[-----------SEPTEMBER 2012 :

The complete discography of Sizzle is available now on Bandcamp on free audio streaming and digital download.


____________________________________[-----------APRIL 2012 :

New indus/electro/goth solo project by Le K. on free audio streaming + MP3 download at:

Ingodeme : "Ingodeme"
Ingodeme dosdisco EP
Ingodeme : "Dosdisco EP"


____________________________________[-----------MARCH 2012 :

Sizzle : "At Air". First track "@u Net" (19:54) in integral free audio streaming:


____________________________________[-----------SEPTEMBER 2011 :

sizzle at air

"At Air", the sixth and new Sizzle album is available now in download on Bandcamp.
More experimental than previous albums, "At Air" is decomposed in two soundtracks, "@u Net" (19:54) + "Cheap T(h)unes" (29:43). For die hard fans only!


____________________________________[-----------AUGUST 2011 :

"LTDA", the first album from 1999 is re-issued on CD + audio files MP3, FLAC, & M4A on Facthedral's Hall Store.


____________________________________[-----------JULY 2011 :

"Natural Elements" CD is re-issued by Facthedral's Hall. This is the second Sizzle album released first in 2000. Available soon in download: MP3, FLAC & M4A audio files.


____________________________________[-----------NOVEMBER 2010 :

Sizzle have participated to the soundrack of new Sylvain Pelissier's short film, "Le Bunker" (in french).


____________________________________[-----------JUNE 2010 :

"Metalavera" album in mp3/wav format out June 12th. You can buy or listen now on: Napster, Amazon, FNAC Music, eMusic, Virgin Mega, Juno, iTunes, Deezer...


____________________________________[-----------MAY 2010 :

The band actually search for a full-time autor and lead singer. Interested people, don't hesitate to contact us.


____________________________________[-----------APRIL 2010 :

Sizzle will playing live with La Manufacture Electronique for an unique performance at the Thorrent Festival (France - 66), July 10th 2010.


____________________________________[-----------DECEMBER 2009 :

Sizzle : Metalavera

New and fifth album "Metalavera" out now, limited edition CD on Facthedral's Hall. You can get it now the label site www.facthedral.com.


____________________________________[-----------FEBRUARY 2008 :

Sizzle have made a new track for the tribute of french TV show "Thalassa", released by the netlabel Earsheltering, "v/a: Three Faces Of Thalassa". The song is called "Thalala Shushuyaya".


____________________________________[-----------SEPTEMBER 2007 :

Sizzle have remixed Bérurier Noir for the "Le Mouvement de la Jeunesse Electronique : un tribute à Bérurier Noir" tribute released by Abyssa NetLabel :


____________________________________[-----------APRIL 2007 :

Sizzle have remixed one tribute track to The PPM incorporated Project :


____________________________________[-----------SEPTEMBER 2006 :

The HUMANYDYNE role playing game is out now. Sizzle have participated to the soundtrack, with other projects like zNo, Cheerleader 69, Serial Industrie, Punish Yourself, Hynnner vs. Hant1s3, TAT, and Anorma.
This soundtrack is listenable on the "Sepulcro" Radio blog. A part of the scenario + illustrations are signed André Reina.


____________________________________[-----------MAI 2006 :

- First album "LTDA" re-issued on CD with a new cover + new artwork by Alain Pelaprat. Copies available each for €10,00 post paid on www.facthedral.com release page.


- Sizzle have remixed one track of HIV+, for his CD+DVD "UFO Pulsations" released on 3Patttes records. More infos + teaser here.

- Sizzle have participated to the soundtrack of the upcoming role playing game Humanydyne. The soundtrack will on .mp3 format, a selection of most ambient pieces taken from albums "LTDA", "Natural Elements" & "Muermotivo".

- Improvised performance with La Manufacture Electronique at théâtre (B)ompard (Marseille), Saturday 6th.

More photos by Deadrow77 here.


____________________________________[-----------APRIL 2006 :

Le K. has remixed the cult experimental punk french band Lucrate Milk for the release of their anthological 2xCD+DVD on F.Z.M. :


____________________________________[-----------FEBRUARY 2006 :

Sizzle have remixed Coldcut for an official competition, and Planetaldol for his album "Coder Les morts - remixes" out now on Frohna Records. Download tracks :


____________________________________[-----------DECEMBER 2005 :

Sizzle have mixed for the Clonex evening at Marseille 17th, with SOSP, Dardex, Mort2Faim, Ia-Aai, Populous, and R-Loxx.


____________________________________[-----------JULY 2005 :

Band actually works with a new singer/guitarist Pample, for next dates in France probably for winter 2005/2006. More infos soon...


____________________________________[-----------JUNE 2005 :

Sizzle has released 1 unreleased remix for Guarapita. Taste it here.


____________________________________[-----------MAY 2005 :

Their 4th album "Full Screen Ap%gy" recorded between 2000-2005 in collaboration with their friends Velvetine finally out now in virtual format. Click on picture to visit the "Full Screen Ap%gy" micro-site :


____________________________________[-----------MARCH 2005 :

Evening support to K17 Collective at Centre Culturel Mirabeau (Marseille), with Sizzle & Septembre Noir : 4th march 2005, 21:30 to 3:00. ticket : 5,00 €. C.C.Mirabeau : 1 impasse Malavasi, 13015 Marseille, France.


____________________________________[-----------FEBRUARY 2005 :

Facthedral's Hall evening, with Sizzle (electro indus), Scars Prime (electronica), Septembre Noir (electro rock) & Kibutz (DJ electro house), 11th february 2005, at Balthazar, 3 place Paul Cezanne, 13006 Marseille, France. 21:30 to 1:45.


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