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  Featurings of Sizzle:

"V/A: Assortiment de F.H."
compilation x2 CD (Facthedral's Hall) - 2001
7 unreleased and remix tracks by Sizzle members.

"V/A: Elegy #5"
compilation CD (E.E. Tapes) - 2003
track: "H,B,G,D, Select/Start"

François Testory : "Sarrazine"
CD (Prykosnovénie) - 2003
track: "Who Am I?"

"V/A: A Tribute To Burundi"
compilation CD (Facthedral's Hall) - 2004
2 tracks.

"V/A: Good For Health / Bad For Education"
compilation tribute to Doctor Avalanche radio show - 2005
track: "Photon Noir (Avalanche version)"

Planetaldol : "Coder Les Morts - remixes"
(Frohna Records) - 2006
track: "Coder Les Morts (Santa Klaus Barbie mix)"

HIV+ : "UFO Pulsations"
CD+DVD (3 Patttes) - 2006
track: "Positive Propagation"

"V/A: Le Mouvement de la Jeunesse Electronique"
compilation tribute to band Bérurier Noir (Abyssa NetLabel) - 2007
track: "Lobotomix Dans Ton Crâne"

"V/A: Three Faces of Thalassa"
compilation tribute to french TV show Thalassa (Earsheltering) - 2008
track: "Thalala Shushuyaya"

Von Magnet : "Performances 1985>2013"
double DVD (Ant-Zen/Orkhestra International) - 2014
remix track : "Death is a Mix"

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