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     Records of Sizzle:

Sizzle : Facthedral - demo tape
1998 "Facthedral"
Cassette (Facthedral's Hall)

Sizzle : Le Territoire des Ames
1999 "LTDA"
CD / Digital Download (Facthedral's Hall)

Sizzle : Natural Elements
2000 "Natural Elements"
CD / Digital Download(Facthedral's Hall)

Sizzle : Muermotivo
2003 "Muermotivo"
CD (P.C.M.)

Sizzle : Muermotivo - édition 2
2004 "Muermotivo" Reissue with bonus tracks.
CD / Digital Download (Facthedral's Hall)

Sizzle : Full Screen Apology
2005 "Full Screen Ap%gy"
Digital Download
(Facthedral's Hall)

Sizzle : Metalavera
2009 "Metalavera"
CD / Digital Download (Facthedral's Hall)

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2011 "At Air"
Digital Download (Facthedral's Hall)

sizzle live ccmm
2013 "Live CCMM" Live mix from 2005. Free download

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