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Sizzle was an electro indus instrumental band from Martigues, south France, inactive since 2010.

1994 : Le K. (Marc Reina) & SomniaK (Anthony Vega) start to play and record together raw improvisations on cheap / lo-fi machines & instruments (amiga and 486 computers, "supermarket" synths, pedal effects, TV, vynils, primary electric guitar with rusted strings...)

1997 : Le K. records alone in one-shot the first Sizzle's demo tape Facthedral.

1998/1999 : Le K. composes the first sizzling album LTDA ("Le Territoire Des Ames"), with 2 tracks composed by SomniaK (LTDA I part 2, and LTDA II part 2) edited on CDR by Facthedral's Hall. A concept album about the passage of Life to Death. With participations of Deadrow77 (bass and vocals), and Skalde (bass on LTDA II part 5).

2000 : Sizzle out their second CDR and minimal album ”Natural Elements” still on Facthedral's Hall label. First part of the record "Natural" (tracks 1-4) is composed by Le K., the second part "Elements" (tracks 5-8) by SomniaK. Deadrow77 plays keyboards on track 3. An artwork by SomniaK was used for the back cover.

2003 : Sizzle work on their third CDR album ”Muermotivo”, edited by the label P.C.M.. The band choose a more radical electro way to explore the negative and positive influences inside and around them. Roby improvise guitar on "Mantra".
11th october 2003, Sizzle play live for the first time but under the name of Anti. The unique Anti concert is edited the same month on CDR (ultra Ltd 30 ex.) by Facthedral's Hall.

2004 : First Sizzle concert in Marseille / April 17th at (B)ompart theatre for the Facthedral's evening ”A tribute To Burundi”, with electro-rock band Velvetine.
Muermotivo” album is re-issued in 2004 on Facthedral's Hall, with 3 bonus tracks, including 2 unreleased remixes by Atrabilis Sunrise and Pi Cab Alter.
Tanka creates videos on Sizzle's tracks and his creations are projected on each band live acts.

2005 : Fourth album "Full Screen Ap%gy", composed between 2000-2005 by Le K. is released on virtual album, under form of a dedicated website (replacing a classical CD booklet) : http://sizzle.facthedral.com/FSA/, which contains graphical artworks by Le K. and SomniaK. Another concept-album on the closer link between television, multimedias and humanity. Stef.a (Velvetine) sings on 5 tracks. This is the first time that Sizzle use vocals for each track on an album.
Le K. & SomniaK continue to make some concerts in Marseille (Le Balthazar, C.C. Mirabeau, Le Lounge).

2009 : Fifth album "Metalavera" finaly out November on Facthedral's Hall. Sizzle keep their electronica indus rock without compromise to create more of individual tracks collection than another concept, with some pop touches. Like usually, Sizzle invite some friends for featurings; Stef.a from Velvetine sings one more time for the band in "L'Epoque" song, and Deadrow77 plays organ on the "hidden track 4". Artworks by Le K. & SomniaK.

2010 : Last concert for Sizzle in July at Thorrent (Pyrenees). Very bad performance caused by malfunctioning equipment. The band stop the set after some tracks.

2011 : "At Air" out in September on digital download, sixth album which is a return to experimental works. Record composed by Le K. with recording sessions from 1994 to 2010, initialy composed, played, and mixed live by SomniaK, Deadrow77, King Freddy, and himself. This record is decomposed in two long musical soundtracks.

2012 : Le K. starts his new instrumental project Ingodeme.

2013 : Le K. joins the band Velvetine in September on electronic percussions.

2003 to 2013 : unreleased tracks for compilations "Three Faces Of Thalassa" (tribute to "Thalassa" french TV show), Elegy#5 compilation, appearence on François Testory "Sarrazine" album, remixes for H.I.V.+, Guarapita, Ysa Ferrer, Planetaldol, Bérurier Noir (compilation "Le Mouvement de la Jeunesse Électronique"), The P.P.M. Inc. Project, Von Magnet (DVD "Performances 1985>2013")...

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